Why should you invest in prime real estate?

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Looking to invest in real estate? 

It’s time to consider prime real estate to maximize the value and return of your investment!  We’re here to answer the questions you may have – both for commercial and residential purposes! 

Let us start by understanding, what makes real estate “prime”?

It’s important to understand that this can be different for different places, all depending on utility- if you wish to utilize your investment for commercial or residential purposes, in either urban or rural areas, then different factors will account for making your investment prime. Our main focus here is to elaborate on prime real estate in urban and semi urban areas! 

There are many factors that can be taken into consideration before declaring any real estate as prime. One of the most important factors amongst all is location.

The location of said real estate establishes a benchmark of how valuable that land is and will be.

Now to classify just any location as a good location, let us consider the two divisions- commercial and residential. 

For commercial, the following factors make it prime – 

1. Well connected by multiple modes of transport 

This means there should be enough public transport options (metro, auto rickshaw, functional cab services) and there should be secure parkings for private transport.

2. Safety 

More audiences will be attracted to a commercial space that has assured safety, so a police station, well-guarded, gated area, all would contribute to an increase in value.

3. Cleanliness

A locality where hygiene is maintained will always attract a more proche audience. 

4. Services Around

The type of services offered around, can help you estimate the crowd that this place attracts

5. Accessibility 

How easy it is to reach you property within the above mentioned parameters can be a make or break factor to how attractive the property is 

Imagine a dream house for yourself. Now, imagine all the facilities near your dream house. Well, that’s the best way to put the requirements for prime residential real estate!  For residential properties, the following factors make it prime – 

1. Safety

The availability of a nearby hospital, a police station, a fire station have great effects on the safety of a location. The profile of the kind of people that live in the locality also matters

2. Transportation

Easily accessible public transport services such as a nearby metro station makes it enables all family members a secondary option to travel by. 

3. Shops nearby 

Commodities such as groceries and medical stores should be at a walking distance for a prime property. Other services such as hair salons, shopping complexes also add value!

4. Hygiene and RWA

Having clean surroundings and an accountable association to maintain standards is key.

5. Overall wellbeing

Parks, gyms, recreation centers make a place better to live in and hence are sought to when finding prime property.

Some other factors to be considered would be infrastructure- architectural design and interior.  These two parameters are dependent on an individual’s choice and as per requirement.  

Investing in real estate, for a common person is a big step. So let’s understand the high returns offered by prime real estate! 

What are the perks of investing in prime real estate? The following points are common to both commercial and residential prime real estate- 

1. Appreciating cost 

Properties in prime locations are very promising. The value of such real estate is most likely to increase with time. 

2. Good for investor’s profile

If you are regular into profile building, then investing in prime real estate can build you a good reputation! Building a profile as an investor is important to be reliable for loans and further growth so prime real estate is a good stepping stone to reach your goals!

3. Attractive lease option for business  

Prime real estate makes for an ideal candidate for franchises like Subway or local businesses and offices. Leasing out your property will be easy.

4. Attractive lease option for individuals 

In residential prime estate, the high amount of rent promises a constant income source. Individuals who are interested in staying in well located places would also be willing to pay a hefty rent for the same!

5. High return on investment 

Prime real estate gives many opportunities of growth and hence promises a great return on investment for the long run.

 If you plan to use it as your own residence- you can easily start a small business chain of your own and expect great returns because of the other advantages the property has to offer!

6. Good resale value 

If you ever plan to sell the property, prime real estate assures you a wonderful profitable resale value! Since we have already discussed how it is an appreciating asset, your prime real estate will fetch you extra profit even if you part with it!

7. Easier loans

Since it is evident that prime real estate yields great benefits, you will find banks more willing to provide support in making such an investment. 

These are the few reasons why we at Buniyad believe that you should look into prime real estate. If you want to direct your money into the right place, get in touch with the experienced  team of retailers at Buniyad to find a prime solution and make an informed investment decision!

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