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We are in a world that experiences change very often. The same applies for real estate business that has gone through many phases of improvement in the past few decades. Individual houses were in great demand once upon a time. Now that apartments have started coming up, people have slowly shifted their interest to this type of houses. There are innumerable projects going on in different locations of the country to cater to the need of people. Yet, the demand keeps increasing day by day. While constructing an individual house or an apartment, Vastu has become one of the primary concerns of builders these days. Vastu-compliant houses are demanded by people from every part of the country.

Constructing a Vastu-compliant house is not that easy unless and until a professional is involved. There are some tips that are available below that would surely make buyers happy and sustain happiness in the families for ever.

  • Vastu shastra clearly says that the land on which the construction is done should be rectangular or square in shape and there should not be any slope just in front of the land.
  • Make sure that there is no pond in the South or West of the apartment. There can be a river, lake or pond in the North or east of the land on which the apartment is constructed.
  • If the entrance to the flat is facing North, east or Northeast then, there is a great chance of prosperity in the house. Instead, if faces South or Southwest, it only brings bad luck to the family.
  • Having an open courtyard in the centre is a wise idea.
  • Vastu Shastra perfectly states that lawns should always be in the Northeast direction.
  • Avoid the apartments having balconies in South and West direction.
  • Kitchens located in the North-east or South-west directions bring positive energy into the house.
  • Colours play important role in bring luck to your home. Avoid painting your apartment with colours such as red, sky-blue or black.
  • Apartments that are located at the farthest end of a street bring either good or bad luck to the owners.
  • Extending constructions to the North-east direction of the house is permitted.
  • Avoid choosing flats/apartments with gaps in Southeast and Northeast direction.
  • The most important is the pooja room which should be located in the direction of North or east.
  • Bathrooms should be in the east or in-between North and east.
  • While cooking, you should face the east.
  • If the bedroom is located in the South, it is considered well and good. Bedroom in the southern and western side should be used by sons, South-west by parents and North-west by daughters.
  • Bathroom or toilet door should not be facing the kitchen.
  • Having the staircase in the Northeast corner will bring bad luck to the owners.
  • The security room cannot be in the Northeast direction of the apartment.
  • The South or West is very suitable to do heavy constructions as per Vastu shastra.
  • The eastern side of the house should not have trees.
  • The total number of doors should be the same as the number of windows.
  • Doors in the flats should open inside and not outside.

There could be corrections done in an existing flat. But, at the same time, there are some faults that can’t be. So, before construction, make sure that you follow the rules of Vastu to bring eternal happiness to your home.

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