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10 CitiesIndia is one of the countries that have many important locations attracting people from each other, mainly due to increased job opportunities, infrastructure and good standard of living. These are factors why the demand for housing projects increases from time to time.

Ghaziabad, NCR

Ghaziabad is one place where you would find a lot of residences; the reason being the presence of different categories of people throughout the city. The city has a countless numbers of residential projects going on currently, to meet with the demands of buyers. The city also has ready-to-move-in properties ranging in price between Rs.30 lakhs and 50 lakhs in its prominent locations. The metro connectivity is one other reason why people find it very comfortable to invest their hard earned money To buy apartments. Also, the presence of Indirapuram, Vaishali and Kaushambi has contributed significantly to the growth of real estate market.

However there are pros and cons with every development we come across in the country. The rapid urbanisation has led to increased pollution levels, traffic congestion and inflation. The government’s wonderful initiative to provide housing by 2022 for all is being handled very seriously. The primary reason for this is to help people earning moderate incomes, own a house at just Rs.25 lakhs. Such initiatives must necessarily take into account the smaller cities across the country.

Since the level of affordability varies from person to person, it is wise to look for destinations where the properties range between Rs.30 lakh and 50 lakh and have a lot of potential for growth. Such cities will automatically develop a lot of investable options in real estate at low price levels. There are actually 10 different cities within the country that offer low-budget housing options to be continued for a long period of time.

Hyderabad, Telangana

There was a bit of slump in the real estate business in the recent past, followed by a serious political problem. However, the city made a good recovery and is once again gaining momentum in the lines of real estate investment. The economy is thriving and the dynamic workforce has actually supporting the real estate market in every way possible. The IT/ITeS industry has given a massive push to the real estate industry which is likely to develop a lot of residential and commercial properties in the future.

Pune, Maharashtra

This city is termed as a “power house” for those who want to start their own business. The infrastructure of Pune has been attracting people from various parts of the country for quite some years now. The city has thrived to a significant extent even during the slump that the other cities experienced. The city has become the primary focus of investors, not only from within the country but also from abroad. Luxury homes are being built in many parts of the city to cater to the healthy demand which continues to increase. There are many new developers that have started concentrating on affordable housing projects currently. If the same trend continues, Pune will become even better a place to do investments.

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

In the last few years, the surrounding areas of Navi Mumbai have experienced a large amount of real estate growth because of the meticulous approach by a significant number of notable builders. With the approval for the new international airport in the offing, Navi Mumbai will see a lot of development in the realty industry. The surrounding areas of the airport will be the focus of every developer in the days to come. Even though Mumbai has always been a bit expensive with regards to housing, Navi Mumbai seems to be a place where you would still find good housing projects ranging between Rs.30 lacs and 50.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

As we all know, Jaipur is a tourist destination from time immemorial. Yet, the city also has its share of real estate development to boast about. The impending IT Park will be a driving force for the growth of real estate industry. One of the other reasons for this growth is the 250KM stretch of uninterrupted road from this city to Delhi. Other than that, locations such as Neemrana, Alwar, Kotputli, Bhiwadi etc., are becoming prominent for the investors to focus on.

Surat, Gujarat

The city of Surat has gained many accolades for cleanliness and being the best place investors. It is known as the diamond capital of the world. Surat is the best urban city of India which is one of the reasons why real estate tycoons are harboured there. The well-developed infrastructure and the presence of innumerable industries will drive the real estate growth beyond unimaginable boundaries.

Nagpur, Maharashtra

The BJP government is very keen on turning this city into a perfect IT hub which will undoubtedly push the real estate growth forward. The MIHAN and SE projects have made this city gain a lot of fame and prominence. The very same reason can be attributed to the increase in the demand for housing projects. The MIDC corridor along with other major IT projects that are on the pipeline would definitely keep this city No.1 in the realty market.

Kochi, Kerala

Kerala has always been a state where people are ready to accept modern cultures even if the city has a lot of respect for its traditions. When there was a boom in the realty sector, people from the neighbouring cities moved into areas like Kochi that has become a very prominent business location now. Areas such as Palarivattom, Vytilla, kakkanad, Edappally etc., which never came to limelight for a long time in the past, started showing some improvements in the recent past. Currently, there are developers targeting these areas to build ultra-modern townships.

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Coimbatore is among the few cities that have developed very fast in several respects. The number of industries that has come up in this part of the country is countless. With the massive support of the government, this city has seen a lot of growth in other sectors such as health care, textile, education etc. Projects to develop the infrastructure of this city are continuously being implemented. R S Puram, Avinashi road and Race course are among the prominent areas where residential developments are going on in a full swing. Though Coimbatore is considered a city of expensive living, there are significant numbers of projects that fall under the affordable levels. Coimbatore is a city to have become the focus of interest for people from other cities such as Chennai, Bengaluru and Cochin. This city is emerging as retirees’ destination and the demand for 2 bhk apartments is increasing rapidly. However, the demand for smaller houses is seem among young IT professionals.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Ahmedabad is last on the list but definitely not the least. The city is developing fast with the best infrastructure in place. The city has gone through several phases of improvement within the last decade which has automatically heightened the demand for housing projects. The government is very supportive to businessmen and introduces plans for their development. Industries such as Petro-chemical, Oil and Gas and Automobile have shaped up this city to be the best among a few.

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