Start The Season With a Fresh Home Decor


Start The Season With a Fresh Home Decor

With the start of every new season, you will always have something to do new. You will have to swap the old with the new to energize the atmosphere where you live. Now that the summer has arrived, you should be thinking how to change the home decor to adapt to the warmth of the season. There are places you can be in summer to enjoy the day by sighting the seasonal birds and smelling the fragrance of the seasonal flowers.

When summer sets in, you are really going to enjoy the warmth that you missed for months together. The summer days are really brilliant when your home gets filled with natural light from the early morning hours to dusk. You may have to replace the tapestries that are thin with thicker ones to control the brightness of light that fills the home. The curtains in the bedrooms need a change to subdue the brightness of the summer months. The ideas below might help you in your effort to bring a new home decor and an adaptive one.

Floral Centerpiece


The change starts from the living room where you can put a fresh centrepiece with seasonal flowers to create natural fragrance around. If you are allergic to pollen then, you may replace that with seasonal fruits.

Use Decorative Vases


Colourful vases with different kinds of pebbles will definitely make your house look very attractive in all manners.

Colourful Prints


Colourful rugs play a part in getting the summer months very likely for you. Rugs with dark colours can be placed in the bathrooms and light ones in the children’s bedrooms. The curtains can also be matched to that.



A fresh coat of colourful paint on the walls will definitely enhance the appearance and blends with the atmosphere. Use colours that are adaptive to the season.


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