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Interior Design TipsStudio apartments are the best option when you have a limited budget but, give you every convenience you desire, as big sized apartments do. They are normally a bit difficult to decorate within smaller layouts. Nevertheless, there are easier ways to enhance the appearance. Trying out methods to decorate each and every area different from the other would be time consuming. Instead, contemplate options that will give you one unique style to be followed throughout the entire flat. The solutions underneath will provide you with a better insight into this area.

Interior Design Tips11. The smooth plywood wall panelling you see in the first model is a perfect blend with the   modern monochromatic theme. It is one of the models that make you save a lot of time and money. Moreover, it is one of the smartest ways to make your flat look really attractive.

2. Built-in dividers and media decors are very cleverly used to divide areas within the flat. This arrangement is going to save labour considerably.

3. The rug’s placement away from the centre paves way for better communication between rooms.

4. A flip-chart like divider sets a boundary between the kitchen and the hallway so that, a bit of privacy is ensured and on top of that, a television is mounted.

5. A full-length divider in the dining area clearly neutralizes the need for a full-length mirror.

6. The workspace is set to minimize the need for larger shelves and desks and apart from that, make the area appear bigger than it normally is.

7. A pendant light hanging exactly above the table adds extra beauty. Along with it, the green coloured chairs are a perfect combination to envy upon.

8. The Matte black panelling in the kitchen makes the area appear very special and a kind of its own.

Interior Design Tips29. If you don’t want to miss natural sunlight then there is enough of it here, with the presence of a sliding door. Moreover, the storage wall offers ample privacy.

10. The horizontally laid tiles in the bathroom make the area look slightly bigger than normal and more importantly, are the best choice for bathrooms as narrow as this.

11. The matte black walls in the toilet bring a touch of real luxury.

12. Behind sliding glass panels, you would see a walk-in wardrobe that never fails to amaze you.

13. The closet occupies less space and offers more convenience. Your shoes and clothing can be arranged vey comfortably without creating a shabby look.

Interior Design Tips314. To head out in style, you only have to slide the glass door open at the entrance which has everything you need starting from coat to shoe. The indirect lighting makes you locate anything you need from the inside.

15. The 56 square meter studio apartment of Lugerin Architects has an entirely different appearance than the ones of other types. The exposed brick style and the wood used on the floor have really brought life into the house.

16. The sliding wooden panels reveal the kitchen and bedroom in such a way that the residents don’t feel much exposed. This is one of the inspirational designs that anybody would love to have.

Interior Design Tips517. Do not worry about the size of the bedroom. Though it looks small, a lot of storage can be managed alongside the walls. Especially, bookshelves offer plenty of space to store reading materials. Moreover, the lightwood cabinetry allows abundant space for your clothing.

18. Take a look at the wardrobe filled with books to keep your reading habit eternal.

Interior Design Tips619. The kitchen boasts of some really good storage features. The glass jars, regardless of the size, can be easily kept in a very attractive manner. At the same time, you will notice there is no clutter. The geometric floor tiles need a mention here too.

20. The rug with natural colours of stripe makes the bathroom different from the others.

Interior Design Tips721. This studio looks bigger than the other ones because of less number of dividers between areas. The theme followed is just unique throughout, to make the apartment look more gorgeous.

22. The chairs from the La central collection by the Brazilian designer have given the apartment a touch of real luxury. They suit this small sized apartment in every way possible.

23. The select colour choice keeps your mind reeling with happiness all through the day.

24. This is one fantastic design of Rosca Vadim that has a divider in the centre surrounded by tables protruding from the sides. The divider also provides extra shelving units which will reduce you cost significantly.

25. There is a bedroom awaiting you behind the central divider. A smart move indeed!

Interior Design Tips726. The textural black wall is something away from the traditional style but, inspiring. The rug in black and white will definitely attract anybody though it looks a bit simple. The dining chairs are a real combination of archaic and modern styles.

Interior Design Tips1027. This is a complete variation from the ones you saw before. The colour themes are different. The geometric themes are stronger as are the design patterns. The textural materials, stripes apartmentand polygons are an unprecedented combination to the entire apartment.

28. The gloss floor in white is very appealing. It is amazing how the headboard and the bed platform are combined into the same piece of wood.

29. The glass wall ensures a lot of privacy for the bedroom. The brass-colour effect really blends with the surrounding in a very impressive way.

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