How Shopping Malls In India Have Transformed Over The Years?


How Shopping Malls In India Have Transformed Over The Years?

shopping mallThe concept of malls is one such thing that tends to spread like a wild fire in the forest. Certainly, it is a boost for real estate industry with people adapting to extensive shopping prospects under one roof. Who would not love to visit a place where shopping opportunities is served with entertainment options. In fact, the idea of organized retail came to India in 1999, when Ansal Plaza in Delhi was launched. Following the footsteps of Delhi, Crossroads Mall in Mumbai and Spencer Plaza in Chennai developed by 2002. It was till end of 2002 that only these malls existed in India. Post 2003, the concept developed extensively giving a tremendous boost to real estate industry in India.

In this regard, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi witnessed the emergence of new malls giving way to productive mall culture. Now, malls in India have become a trend and even small cities have been continuously witnessing their development. When it comes to the matter of identifying the extensive emergence of shopping malls in India, the year 2007-2008 witnessed a huge growth for sure. But, this trend was hit hard with recessions in India. People were seen walking out of the malls. Being a one-stop-shop for meeting all needs to not-enough services, mall culture witnessed a degradation.

It was the recession that taught the developers to infuse expertise in creating malls. The development of malls was not like any other commercial development; rather, professional assistance was required. And this understanding changed the phase of malls in India. Developers started paying more attention to the services provided in the malls and creating better shopping experience for the people. In fact, the mall culture initiated after 2011 was such that no one had seen before. This was the time that Select City Walk in Delhi, High Street Phoenix in Mumbai and Express Avenue in Chennai were launched.

One thing that came out as an ideal way of boosting the development of malls is its authenticated management. This mandated for developers to create new ways of enticing customers coming to shop in malls. Not just this; it was intended to engage people and make them spend quality time in the malls. Indeed, mall management has been considered as an essential factor in the success of malls. And that’s how shopping malls in India have evolved since its inception in 1999.


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