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The commercial sector of India is a very dynamic sector of real estate and is influenced by a large number of factors. It is quite different from the residential sector because, for instance, the residential segment is experiencing a somewhat sluggish demand in many cities across India but the commercial segment is nowhere near such a fate. It is booming in most of the cities as can be seen in the increased number of footfalls in malls and shopping complexes. In fact, according to a report from a trusted property consultant, shops offer one of the highest yields at 10-14 per cent. So one simply cannot overlook this segment if one is considering investing in real estate especially in the shops in malls for sale in Greater Noida.

Commercial Shops in Greater NoidaThe profitability of commercial sector depends on the strategic location, how well connected it is so that the target audience can easily access it, the attractive design of the shop, tenant mix and effective mall management. Upcoming cities like Greater Noida have a lot of potential in the commercial sector. It is an important part of the flourishing National Capital Region (NCR) and its close proximity to Delhi is an added advantage. Apart from this, the city is undergoing a paradigm change in terms of infrastructural development. The proposed international airport in Jewar and the starting of metro by 2018 is luring a lot of retailers and investors who are willing to invest in mall shops for sale in Greater Noida.

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