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Notification Soon To Acquire 1,220 Hectares For Jewar Airport


Notification Soon To Acquire 1,220 Hectares For Jewar Airport

60068-738105-airport-reutersOn receiving consent from more than 3000 landowners, the government of Uttar Pradesh is all set to acquire around 1138 hectare of land for the initial phase of the development of the international airport in Jewar district. And in this regard, the Government of Uttar Pradesh is likely to issue notification for the acquisition of the land. Right now, the total amount of land acquired for the first phase of the project is 1220 hectare, which is collectively owned by about 8300 landowners. The preparations in terms of paperwork are on a full swing with government’s notification as the purpose is to give a new airport to the district.

Though the government has got the consent of landowners for 93 percent earmarked land; still, it has to acquire a NOD from 70 percent of the landowners. The mandatory factor, here, is that consent of 70 percent of landholders is essential for acquisition. This has made mandatory as per the provisions of Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013. On the other side of the coin, the team of Social Impact Assessment held a meeting for bringing their assertion that the project would displace 1775 families. The meeting took place at the Gautam Buddha University.

As per the sources are to be believed, farmers with the bigger plot of land have already consented to give away their plot; while, the farmers with a smaller piece of land are hesitant to give away their share of the plot. Going as per social impact assessment report, around 33.9% farmers own less than 0.6-acre land, 39.6% farmers own land between 0.6 to 6 acre and 15.7% farmers own land between 6 to 12.5 acre. It is only 5.1% farmers, who tend to own land between 12.5 and 18.7 acres in the respective area. Speaking in this regard, additional district magistrate of Gautam Budha Nagar named Balram Singh stated that administration is trying their best to get complete consent from the farmers.

On receiving the complete consent of farmers, a report would be sent to the government. Further to this, the UP Government will issue the notification for acquiring land. Indeed, Section 11 of the Land Acquisition Act mandates that the government will issue notification for acquiring land needs to be published in the official gazette as well as two of the daily newspapers. Besides this, the notification should be uploaded on the website too. It is required to contain a statement on public purpose behind acquisition, reasons demanding the shifting of affected persons, gist of the Social Impact Assessment Report and official details of the administrator appointed for the purposes of rehabilitation and resettlement.


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