Noida vs. Gurugram: Better city for investment?

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Are you thinking about investing in the Delhi NCR region? Delhi NCR – one of the hottest property investment zones, can make you dubious about your location preference. As observed, Gurugram and Noida have been the favorite destinations for investors and homebuyers.

There are an equal set of benefits and drawbacks for property in Noida and Gurugram that are unique about one another. So, here we will compare both the areas and help you understand them better from an investment perspective:


The first thought that crosses the mind of an investor is about the infrastructure.

Both the cities offer comparative social infrastructure to the locals. From International schools to the best medical services suppliers, from incredible job openings to A-list public conveniences, the said locations give you everything. While Gurugram has always been a hub to some international companies, Noida is not far behind in its offering.

Noida has easy accessibility to all the parts of Delhi hence property in Noida is most likely to be favored if people are looking for affordable housing.


In terms of safety, both locations still have a long way to go. Where the inner streets are dim in Gurugram, making it a safety hazard for the locals to move around in the dark, Noida being a place with a sparse population, is also not safe during the night. However, other aspects such as safety patrols, seepage, and sewage facilities make the citizens a little more comfortable.

With its shopping centers, commercial centers, theaters, and famous restaurants, Gurugram is the center point of social happenings. Gurugram offers a more secure and more happening nightlife to people than Noida.

However, places like Gardens of Galleria and DLF Mall of India have denoted their quality in Noida which is changing the picture of the spot from being docile to the happening and safe zone of the NCR.


Both the cities have good streets, metro connectivity, and intra-connectivity. Gurugram has arisen as a self-supporting city. Factors, such as the accessibility of tremendous land parcels, closeness to the Delhi International Airport, better fax approaches, and faster execution of infrastructure projects have added to the development and better connectivity in the city. Compared to Noida, Gurugram is still nearer to the airport, making it a favored area for people traveling regularly.

Moreover, the Metro in Noida is extended to cover Noida Expressway and Greater Noida. A shorter way to travel to Gurugram from Noida is also built for traveling to save around 40 minutes of drive. Aside from this, public vehicles and battery rickshaws are famous mechanisms of traveling in Noida which are cost-effective and regular. The Rapid Metro district of Noida connects the central business regions but doesn’t expand into the neighborhoods of Gurugram.


If you are looking for affordable housing with good overall facilities, investing in flats in Noida is a good option. However, in terms of better rental returns, Gurugram surpasses Noida. Both areas have a decent supply of tenants hence making them a high-demand region for less-spaced houses for rentals. The value appreciation along the metro line is superior to the other cities in both locations.

Property Options

Both locations have many property choices starting from Rs.24 lakh for 1BHK in Noida and Rs.50 lakhs in Gurugram. For a new family, investing in the property in Noida is more reasonable. Also, it has better-gated networks for families as compared to Gurugram. Gurugram is more costly for a similar-sized property.

However, Gurugram is not so behind in terms of other facilities such as medical and job availability. Gurugram has an upper score in these aspects, making it one of the most desired regions for investing.

As said above, both of these cities have their advantages and disadvantages. Investors need to recognize the point of their venture  to conclude which suits their requirements, among Noida and Gurugram. The following are a couple of things that investors should remember, before putting resources into both of these regions:

Both locations are great from an investment point of view. In Gurugram, business and corporate offices are more than in Noida. Other than being near South Delhi and the IGI air terminal, Millennium City enjoys extra benefits. But a person with a small budget of Rs 50-60 lakh needs to search for investment openings on the outskirts as costs in Gurugram are higher. Hence, as an alternative, the area of the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway offers a wise venture opportunity with generally small ticket sizes.

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