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Noida Authority To Discuss Demand For Freehold Land


Noida Authority To Discuss Demand For Freehold Land


With speculations spreading around the fact that demand for transferring properties from leasehold to freehold has been getting stronger, the Noida Authority chairman named Alok Tandon has decided to present a proposal for the same concern. He will be presenting the proposal in the next board meeting, which is set to take place at the end of the year. This decision arrived after a productive meeting with 22 organizations of the city. As the proposal gets approved by the board, it will be sent to the state government for further sanction.

Taking a stand in this aspect, a senior official of the board has stated that proposal of the residents has been decided to give due consideration in the board meeting. And if the government gives it a green signal; the stated proposal will be implemented on an immediate basis. In order to pressurize authorities and push their demand, Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Associations, Noida Entrepreneur Association, and other trade organizations have joined hands for a demonstration outside authority’s office at sector 6 of Noida.

Besides this, the group of entrepreneurs demonstrating outside the authority office also demanded that the space outside their factories should not be used for parking on a commercial basis. Putting the further light on the matter, they stated that the parking space available outside their office should be at the discretion of factory owners or its employees or its visitors. Beyond them, no one should be allowed to park their vehicles outside the factories.

As per the existing scenario, the owners or employees of a particular factory have to pay for the parking outside their factory, which is not justified in any case. Parking for the employees, owners, and guests of a company is a facility offered to them. And no other person shall take advantage of this. Apart from this, paying for parking every time in the day is not feasible. Indeed, the president of Noida Entrepreneurs Association (NEA) named Vipin Kumar Malhan has stated that the issue of paid parking will be the main agenda of their protest for sure.

Certainly known, the parking outside the factories are misused in every sense with people visiting other factories leaving their cards anywhere. This is creating an issue with the employees of that particular company because they do not find a place to park their own vehicles at all. The association aims at getting their demand fulfilled by the authorities.


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