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Maps Of Buildings Up To 1,000 Sq M Can Now Be Approved Online


Maps Of Buildings Up To 1,000 Sq M Can Now Be Approved Online

approved-1049259_1920On Monday, Noida Authority initiated a process of examining the maps of residential as well as industrial properties. The area in the maps was counted as 1000 square meters, which could be checked online without much difficulty. This was done in the wake of checking and approving the maps of the said properties. And on such matters, the authorities said that the success of such a valuable check will decide the extension of the online approval system. Certainly, online approving of the maps will save a quality time of the builders, who have to go through a lot of paperwork in this concern.

It was brought to notice by the authority officials that such a step has been taken because of mounting requests for checking the maps online. On daily basis, the authority people receive four to five maps for approval and in the year 2017, they approved around 1000 maps in the respective category. Taking note of the approval plan, a window for the online building plan approved system has been developed on the authority’s official website. This requires an applicant to create a username and password for uploading their property maps as well as supportive documents for online approval.

The officials clearly came out with the decision that, initially, the online approval of maps will do till 1000 square meters.  Within the period of three months, the extension will be made to all the property categories. This will enable the builders and others to get the maps approved within much less time. indeed, some of the other categories to be included I the online map approval system are commercial, group housing, industrial and even properties existing in rural areas. The initiation of the online approval system is intended to clean the air over corruption and human intervention accounted in examining the map.

As per the process goes by, the applicant will be notified through email about problem or objections occurring in the map. Along with this, they will be informed about the overall observation of the map with a few suggestions on need. And of course, the amount required to be submitted for the approval process can be deposited through a payment gateway system. Indeed, the best thing about the online approval system is that an applicant can make amendments to the existing map and reload it for approval without paying extra fees for the same. This decision has been welcomed by the developers because of the quick response to their property plans.


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