Looking to invest in real estate? Here’s why preleased commercial properties are the way to go.

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Are you looking for a promising real estate investment option? Do you feel that owning a commercial property comes with added hassles (searching tenants, maintenance, etc)? 

Our team at Buniyad wishes to inform you why pre-leased commercial real estate is the most suited investment choice in today’s time- and how it reduces all the hassles! 

Let’s start off by going over the crux of pre-leased property. A pre-leased property is one that has active tenants (they are fully functional in your property, and are already paying rent to the previous owner). So by purchasing a pre-leased property, you become the owner of the skeleton of a structure that has fully operating organs! 

How can owning a structure with existing tenants help you? There are many pros associated with having tenants as you purchase your property. To start off with, the main pro is not having to worry about hunting for tenants by investing in advertisements. 

Your investment, in this case, has already been advertised for you- before you even owned it! 

Below, we will discuss the upsides of investing in pre-leased property and why it’s your golden treasure amongst all other real estate options! 

1. Rent from day 1! 

Since you already have tenants operating now in what is your property, you will be the rightful landlord to receive rent from the day the property is yours. 

2. Easy bank loans 

Investing in such property comes with a big price tag, and you may be interested in loans to ease the process. 

Banks are very keen to support investors who go for a pre-leased property. It’s understood why- they see it as a profitable investment with NO time lag. 

That’s because you start the recovery process on day one, as discussed in the previous point. 

3. Stable Income 

If the property of your interest in a host to franchises such as food chains, banks, pharmacies- there’s a great likelihood that these tenants are here to stay for the long run! 

This assures you added stability in income. 

4. Risk factor? Not a problem 

A pre-leased property comes with a promise that it will generate returns for you at the earliest (ie, instantaneously). 

This automatically brings down the risk factor in your investment to a bare minimum.  

Keep a track record of the pattern of tenants that have been hosted previously, and you can wisely judge how credible the property of your interest is. For more connect to our team at Buniyad! 

A pre-leased commercial property comes with very little risk so feel secure that you’re going for the right option! 

5. Capital Appreciation 

It’s highly probable that a pre-leased commercial property will see appreciation in value with times to come! 

It’s a profitable asset that we recommend you keep your eyes on as it can bring you really good returns. 

If the concept is new waters for you- don’t worry! Our team of professional retailers at Buniyad will walk you through the various aspects of a commercially pre-leased property! We encourage you to see this as a viable choice, as we believe in wise investment choices and pre-leased commercial property is the way to go! 
Connect with us to make a wise, informed and fruitful investment choice today!

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