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Invest in Auspicious Dhanteras And Seek The Blessings Of Goddess Lakshmi


Invest in Auspicious Dhanteras And Seek The Blessings Of Goddess Lakshmi


Dhanteras is the day where lot of chanting and pooja’s happen for seeking good well being and wealth from Godess Lakshmi.

As part of Diwali celebrations, Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi is being observed across the country specially Northern India, Gujarat and Maharashtra 2 days before the main festival.

Dhanteras is dedicated to Physician of Gods, Lord Dhanvantari. Paper lanterns with decorations will be hanged out with a message to greet the arrival of Diwali. Even when Dhanteras is celebrated for material wealth primarily, this day also is known for praying towards spiritual wealth of the family and the bonding of families.

In Dhanteras, Dhan points towards the wealth and Teras towards 13th day (with regards to hindu calendar). Eventually Dhanteras is celebrated during 13th Calendar day of Hindu Month Ashwin.

On this auspicious day Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped to endow people with all kind of wealth and prosperity. Business community makes sure that this day is celebrated with splendor and they also ensure that they purchase precious metals, mainly gold on this day. Purchase of immovable property is also considered propitious this day.

Dhanteras day is a Gold Day

Purchase of Gold items rules the mind of normal public in the auspicious Dhanteras day. Gold coins and ornaments are purchased this day anticipating a good increase in price. It is a common culture in India to purchase gold to use the same during upcoming festive or wedding season.

Think beyond gold

Even when gold buying happens at festive seasons, many of recent day community also think about investing in assets like cars, apartments, plots and so on. Sellers judge the mind of the buyers and many business fraternities like jewelers, car showrooms, electronic shops etc. comes with special offers to attract crowd.

Purchase of gold may rule your mind but if you think beyond you may also purchase your dream car or home for yourself in best rates during this season.

Recently the property in Gurgaon has seen a boost because of CRR (cash reserve ratio) cut by Reserve Bank. A Large number of Builders are coming up with special schemes and discounts. This has opened up the opportunity for the buyers to purchase their dream home, a dream which they have put off due to exorbitant rates and unaffordable payment structures.

This year it might be your turn to finalise the property in best rates availing the festive offers, Do not miss it!


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