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Noida, also known as New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, is one of India’s rapidly growing metropolises. Within a very short span of time, it has witnessed an exponential growth both in terms of sustainable infrastructure and urbanization. Due to its accessibility and close proximity to India’s national capital, several industries have established themselves here. With its strategic location, thriving economy, and world-class infrastructure, Noida has become the most preferred choice for businesses. In this article, we will discuss the various factors and industrial property trends in Noida that are contributing to the city’s popularity among investors.

Noida’s Thriving Industrial Ecosystem

Noida’s booming economic and urbanized landscape is characterized by its growth in industrialization. Its diverse array of industries and government policies that ensure sustainable growth are some of the key factors, it has become the country’s top-most city to establish industries. It offers an ideal environment for business in various industrial sectors. Noida is not going to slow down any time soon, so making investments in industrial properties based here is a smart move.

Initiatives By The Government

Thanks to the government’s futuristic approaches towards Noida, the city is witnessing a booming growth overall. Whether you talk about the city’s connectivity, its sustainable economy, and urbanized infrastructure, Noida has the potential to become the country’s industrial and commercial hub. The Government of Uttar Pradesh and Noida Authority have implemented many flexible policies to encourage investments in its industrial sector. The competitive pricing offered on industrial properties, along with beneficial policies like single-window clearance for business approval are encouraging investors to buy properties in Noida.

Noida’s Diverse Industrial Areas

Noida is home to a diverse array of industries- from electronics, manufacturing, IT, to automotive, and pharmaceuticals. Not only for  the giants, Noida is creating opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SME) as well. Its research and development facilities, trained labor force, co-working spaces, and buildings designed specifically to meet the industry’s diverse requirements, are some of the key-contributors driving industrial property trends in Noida.

Growing Real Estate Market

There is no doubt that people and businesses are relocating themselves in Noida. One of the reasons is its highly affordable properties, compared to those in Gurgaon and Delhi. Another reason, Noida’s real estate market offers a wide range of options to set-up business, from warehouse to factory, shed, and even plots, where businesses can set-up their manufacturing units. The city has several massive industrial parks as well as commercial space, where investors can buy properties or share with other industries. For example, Buniyad Realty Limited offers trending properties in Noida’s prime locations that can meet all industrial requirements.

One of the most popular commercial property trends in Noida is co-working spaces and buildings, where several companies work under the same roof without interfering with others. These shared spaces are not only affordable, but also are equipped with required facilities for diverse commercial needs.

Emerging Mixed-Use Infrastructure

Resource conservation is the most significant factor for sustainable urban growth and so the rise of mixed-use developments. Many cosmopolitan cities in India have seen a rise in mixed-use developments, where a single complex integrates retail spaces, residential units, office, spaces, and recreational areas. It not only creates self-sustained communities, but also efficient use of land and resources. Such complexes promote business and housing investments, where residents and employees get a holistic living and working experience. As a leading real estate service provider, Buniyad Realty Limited ensures adaptable and client-centric solutions. So whether you want to set-up your industry within mixed-use developments or wish to have your own dedicated property, Buniyad Realty Limited has got it all.

In A Nutshell

Noida’s strategic location ensures high return investment. Certain areas in the city are strategically developed with well-established infrastructure, which increases its demand for industrial properties, commercial offices, and retail establishments. Noida has separate residential areas, commercial spaces, industrial sectors, and mixed-use complexes. Current industrial trends in Noida are investing in commercial and industrial properties as it ensures high ROI, sustainable growth, and highly skilled workforce.

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