How Infrastructure Development Stimulates Real Estate Supply


How Infrastructure Development Stimulates Real Estate Supply


A considerable amount of one’s wealth is his portfolio in Real Estate investment. This fact is especially true in many Indian Metro Cities including Property in Mumbai. The volume and money involvement in real estate market is so high, hence making the business attractive for Government, Investors and Individuals. This article below presents how the key factors like infrastructure development influences the real estate business.Infrastructural developments are planned in an area considering the demography of the place like population, house hold income, migration ratio, age, gender etc. The real truth is the pace of infrastructure development and real estate prices are directly proportional to each other over-ruling the above factors. Developments like over bridges, broad roads, introduction of metro rail in an area means that transportation / access to that particular area will be easy. This brings up the commercial activities in the area providing job opportunities to masses, increasing the movement of people in the area. The requirement of residential units also will increase accordingly, thus increasing the demand and rates of the area.

The new term used in the real estate market is that the area has integrated infrastructure development. Government of India are planning the concept of smart cites with such kind of developments. Stipulated power supply, proper sewage disposal, integrated service systems, abundant water supply, green areas with recreation amenities, proper transportation facilities and fast government approvals for new operations are part of integrated infrastructure development. The cities that are getting newly developed with such structure are seeing gradual increase in the property prices. In many parts of our country luxury living is gaining momentum, after a hard day of work residents normally prefer good and calm stay in their residences. This is only possible if the infrastructure facilities are up to the mark in that vicinity. This will, by default increase the cost of the residential units in the location.

Many developers themselves contribute to the peripheral developments of the location where their projects are planned to start. By providing the connectivity, greeneries, basic amenities and accessibility to daily needs, the builders are making the underdeveloped area to a posh environment. Good infrastructure growth boasts the status of living of citizens, escalating the cost of commercial and residential prices in that zone. It is very much essential for an individual or an investor to have a thorough knowledge of planned infrastructure of a particular area before investing his hard earned money in real estate of that area.

Buniyad Blog | Faridabad: Emerging Property Investment Hub of NCR 2,September 2016
city that has a massive amount of potential for growth. The government is making emphasis on the infrastructural development often. Many shopping complexes such as Crown Plaza, Lifestyle etc, have stemmed up in this area.

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