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Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation Conducts Ahmedabad Metro Trial Run


Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation Conducts Ahmedabad Metro Trial Run

771728-mega-metro-ahmedabd-dna-indiaGujarat has come-up with its very first metro track stretching across Apparel Park and Vastram Gram. Indeed, the first official trial run was conducted across 1km stretch from 6.5km total stretch between two stations. Considering the speed of the metro rail at the time of trial run, it was kept at 35km per hour. The officials have stated that the speed of the metro will be increased later to 90km per hour. Now, this is one of the best developments taken place in Gujarat, which will make it easier for the people to commute. This trial run was conducted in Ahmedabad by Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation on January 31, 2018.

As per the statements issued by the officials, the Railway Ministry’s Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO) have been notified about the run and further commercial runs could initiate from first or the second week of March. Definitely stating, the government has planned to start metro operations on the entire route of 6.5km from March onwards. This will enable people to have easy journey in-between seven stations starting from Apparel Park and Vastram Gram. The development of metro route is a sign of brilliant development process in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat.

Along with this, the State Government has asked Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation to complete the relative formalities by month-end as the metro needs to be launched before executing the model code of conduct. Putting more light on the Gujarat Metro, the director general of systems named Prashant Rao said that the Gujarat Metro is designed to run without a driver. Though, at the initial stage, the metro trains will be operated by the drivers. Later, as the system gets functional effectively, the corporation would employ an attendant in every rail for dealing emergency situations.

This decision has been taken on the model of two metro routes of Delhi Metro are driverless. Apart from making preparations for commencing work on the remaining stretch, the State Government has asked Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation to complete their entire metro construction project in the city by June 2020. Indeed, the advent of metro will be a blessing in disguise for people, who find it troubling to commute between Apparel Park and Vastram Gram. Since, it is the first metro project in Gujarat, there are bright chances of more metro routes coming up in other parts of Gujarat too. Certainly, construction of metro train is seen as a part of the development of the entire city.


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