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Government Allows Building Swimming Pools On Terraces


Government Allows Building Swimming Pools On Terraces

architecture-hotel-poolside-261327Swimming pools are a must in summers as providing extensive cooling experience. Previously, the construction of swimming pools on the roofs was not allowed in Telangana state. Now, the government of Telangana has issued orders allowing people to construct  the swimming pool on their terraces. The residents with ample amount of space on their terraces have managed to check out that they can enjoy the summer weather and do not have to pay whooping fees in the clubs to enjoy swimming. Keeping their verdict in this regard, a representative from the Builders and Development Association, said that certain provisions are not in liaison with the building rules and not in consonance with National Building Code- 2016 issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

After this, it was Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department that issued the orders. In the development of swimming pools on the terraces, the ventilation of rooms will be allowed as per Indian Green Building Council Green Homes Norms. It is quite obvious that the safety norms have to be abided by because a slight of the problem may lead to disastrous trouble. This is the reason that structural and fire safety norms will be taken care at the time of developing swimming pools on the terraces.  Of course, there is a need to take permission from the authorities before constructing a swimming pool on the terrace as the authorities will check safety concerns.

Also stated, the government has issued amendments to the building rules specifically altering the present GOs for promoting investments in the real estate sector of Telagana. The construction of swimming pools on the terrace has been welcomed by people in Telangana as many of them have been longing to do so. It was the permission that was awaited from the authorities. As the orders have been passed, there will be a surge in the real estate developments because construction companies will develop highly appealing swimming pools that would add value to the respective homes. Not just for the purpose of development in real estate, these swimming pools will give ample opportunity to the residents for having small parties and leisure time with the family. This is the reason that the decision made by the Telangana Government has managed to get appreciation throughout the state for sure. People consider this to be one of the best decisions taken by the Government for their benefit.


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