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How To File A Complaint Under RERA


How To File A Complaint Under RERA

RERAWith the formulation of RERA (Real Estate Regulation Act), a lot of transparency has been witnessed in terms of buying and selling of properties. Indeed, it has given a sigh of relief to the residential property investors as transactions will explain every detail of the process. Indeed, the act has been welcomed by the investors, which tends to save them from fake promises of the real estate agencies. But, one should be aware of the method or process of filing a complaint under RERA. In this matter, the complaint should be filed online in a prescribed format that has been made available.

Ideally stating, the complaint has to be in conjunction with the project registered under RERA. And this has to be done in the stipulated time period in lieu of violation as well as breach of provisions of the said act. In order to file the complaint, the applicant needs to abide by the rules and regulations set as per RERA. Indeed, a person holding the interest in a respective project or having a connection with the particular project or holding any grievance against the project is eligible to file a complaint at RERA. Taking note of the complaint to be filed at RERA, the application should have particulars of an applicant and the respondent too.

Along with the particulars, the registration number and address of the project is mandatory to be provided. Besides this, a concise statement of facts and special notified claims have to be provided for making the point of view clearer in front of the authorities. Of course, the reliefs or interim reliefs have to be provided too with the complaint. For initiating the proceedings, it is important for the parties to provide applications to the adjudicating officer in relation to the complaint registered. The format for such an application is same as made to the RERA.

Of course, the benefits of filing a case under RERA are that it maintains transparency about the transactions taken place between parties. Also, there is no ambiguity in the area measurements. And of course, the promoters of the property will be liable to pay any sort of compensation in case of delayed delivery of the project. All an applicant has to do is file a complaint within the time period allotted by RERA as well as abide by all the respective rules and regulations. By following the procedure of filing a complaint with RERA, the applicant will get all the required information that has been kept hidden before.


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