Few Factors That Will Give Rented Apartments, A Home Like Feel

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It is not an easy thing to be away from the home. After living in own house that had self planned decor, to live in a rented apartment gives a home away feel. There will be limitations to change the ambiance in a rented out property In Delhi NCR, but with few intelligent changes as below, the dull places shall also be made as friendly abode.
Make it Green

The most convenient way to make the rented apartment livelier without doing any breakage is make it green. In this hurry world, if much attention cannot be paid to care for plants, plants that do not require much maintenance shall be kept. Plants can be placed on top of the tables, desks, dull corners in rooms and also in kitchen; they can bring cheer to the entire area. Having flowers shall bring refreshment in the surrounding.

Choose your Floor!

Enlighten your flooring by covering the boring tiles with artistic rugs; this can give a make-over to the room if the tiles are boring! Rugs are available to suit any layout / space. Rugs in living and dining areas will provide uplift to the decor of the room. Beautification of the floor with printed rug when the walls are having plain look will give a classy feel to the room. If there are wall papers put in the wall and variety of furniture are part of the room then it will be gorgeous if solid and single colored or soft colored rug is placed, this will synchronize the area.

Light the room Bright

A dull looking room can never bring cheer to the mood. If the room has insufficient lighting even a spacious looking room can look dull and boring. If the room is lit up well, this provides an impression to the room by itself and good ambiance. If any portion of the area has to be highlighted then floor lights or lamps can be fixed focusing it. Then the things placed there gains immediate attention of visitors. Different lamp shades are available with varying colors to tone with the different mood. Prominent lighting in ceiling helps to put the accent on looks of living area, dining hall and corridors. Scented candles also provide delightful lighting to the fireplace mantel, desks and any other place where classy touch is required.

Place Partitions

In studio apartment, dividers are will assist in providing more functional area. Partitions like glass panels, mirrors, a curtain, folding wooden screens provides the necessary privacy to dwellers of studio flats and this also enhances the look of the small flat. These partitions may not take much space and the place is not felt clumsy. Tall bookshelves can also be used as pony wall or divider. Even a small study area shall be made good-looking with the assistance of proper lights.

Brilliant Colors on Furniture

Smart furniture at apt place will definitely give an appealing look to the room without much of risk. Furniture shall be painted with bold colors to change the tedious look of the area. Furniture shall be decorated as art pieces, this will steal the limelight. Shelves with colored wall paper interior will add delight to the area. Furniture ornamented with bright gears makes the rooms look more stylish.

Decorate the wall

Enhancing the look of the wall is one of the budget friendly things to enhance the appearance of the room. Hang up some designer frames and family pictures in blank walls, put in temporary wall papers or glue stick few vibrant tiles to increase the manifestation of the walls. The wires and paint peel off areas shall be concealed with artworks. Artworks should be put on wall with the help stick on hooks so that it is not visible outside. By doing the above said things, home away from home shall be reinvented in the rental property.

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