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In today’s milieu, plenty of landlords in the city Bengaluru are hunting for expat tenants with higher rents and less chances of legal hassles. The various hotspots of these expat-exclusive houses primarily include Domlur, Koramangala, Indira Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Whitefield and Sarjapur road. As a matter of fact. the landlords cite “not-so pleasing experiences with the Indian tenants” to keep away from them and claim that the expats relatively tend to take good care of their properties in contrast with the Indian tenants. Rajalakshmi Gopal (name changed) in Domlur Layout gives her 2 BHK fully-furnished property only to expat tenants no matter even if they are single male or female. She further mentions that she has previously had native tenants who literally damaged the property and thusly leading her to take such decision.

A major portion of these landlords strategically put a condition that if the current tenant would find them another expat tenant for them prior his leaving, then they get the full deposit back. And in such city where foreigners frequently come to stay for work related aspects, education & internships, that isn’t too hard. Nonetheless, the expats definitely regret that they usually end up paying higher rent in comparison to the Indians.

A US citizen of Filipino origin, Quijano Flores who has been in the city for over a year, said that being an expat has cost him. “I pay Rs.25000 for a 2BHK in Malleswaram. It is hugely over the accepted rate in the area.” The students come to the city for their short-term internships or so, however need to deposit 10 month’s rent with the landlord. Additionally, the age-old relaxation of leasing property to companies has immensely contributed to this trend. For an instance, the expats who come to Bengaluru as employees of MNCs, wherein the companies allot a fixed budget & through the respective brokers the expats find the houses for themselves and rent it on company lease.

Danish Farook, Director, Silverline Realty says, “Since past three years, this trend has been witnessing a surging uplift and certainly about 15% of the landlords are inclined towards company leases as it ensures that the landlord gets his residential property back intact plus with no such legal hassles of overstay.”

Additionally, the MNCs as the matter of fact are keen to rent bungalows and houses in gated communities with a rent ranging between 1 lakh and 4 lakh for their higher officials, says Preeti Roongta, Director, Lexagent Services, which feeds the real estate needs of the expats. Furthermore, in a city where single-men & single-women are still looked askance at, expat tenants are facilitated with comparatively more freedom than average native tenant in regards of of cooking non-veg food, having guests of opposite gender and having pets etc.

Needless to mention that there is an evident bias towards white-skinned expats. “A few portion of landlords even proffer 10% discount in rent to get westerners. And most of them have an opposed attitude towards the black community. Even those from West Asia are accepted as they are relatively rich. Furthermore, the expats from the developed countries have an add-on benefit that they can’t be pushed around. Even those who set curfew for Indian female tenants are relaxed when it comes to expats,” Feroze Abdullah, CEO of Feroze’s Estates & Properties, told ET.

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