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Dos And Don’ts For Sharing A Rented Space


Dos And Don’ts For Sharing A Rented Space


Are you convinced to take up a sharing accommodation? In metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, etc., the high rental rates and non-availability of accommodation close to commercial areas make young working professionals and students take this option without a second thought. Dwelling in a shared accommodation is an economical affair but need not necessarily be a comfortable one for many. The happiness of your stay in shared rental accommodation is in your own hands! Wondering how? Follow the simple Do’s and Don'ts, make small adjustments, a short period of your share and survive will get over smoothly.

The prime advantage of sharing a rented space is that it reduces the expenses of the individual. The rent amount, deposit amount, utility charges and maintenance charges get divided. Common bank accounts also shall be opened to deposit the share of the money, and payouts can be done from that on time. Be honest always when it comes to money. Transparent transactions make a road to the healthy relationship.

- If a person is new to the city then, the roommates impart all the knowledge they have on this city and will be sharing their valuable experiences providing comfort mindset to the new entrant. But never get carried away through the words of the co-living people. Think twice and act wisely. - A cordial relationship is most required quality when sharing the rooms. Be practical and before organizing any event at sharing room get the consent of partners. The timing of the parties and gathering should not be in odd hours. Disturbance made in any form might not lead to a healthy relationship with roommates. - Everyone requires their own privacy, even if the roommates are close friends; do not poke on his or her personal affairs unnecessarily. It is always better not to have financial attachments with the co-tenants. - Try to get very minimum personal assets into the room, at the time of leaving there will be confused about whether you can take the assets with you are not. - Agreements of sharing accommodation shall be made as joint agreement, one co-tenant leaves and the new one arrives the names shall be duly changed. It is always better for every tenant to have access to the landlord of the building. In case of any maintenance issues, he needs not require the partner to come and talk to him. - In case of any difference in opinion with roommates, never let any loose words out. Talk and settle the matters amicably.

Before opting for sharing rented space pay attention to the above aspects.


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