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Delhi Pollution Turns ‘Severe’, Authorities Ban Construction


Delhi Pollution Turns ‘Severe’, Authorities Ban Construction

Delhi-Air-Pollution-1-770x433With changing air quality in Delhi, the state is falling under the category of the Severe Pollution problem. In this regard, the Central Pollution Control Board has stated that Delhi’s air has managed to get deteriorated because of the excessive pollution by the vehicles. In fact, the Index has recorded over 400 AQI because of the air pollution problem. Taking measures in this regard, the Environment Pollution Control Authority has decided to exercise control over the use of private vehicles. Such an alarming situation is going to witness a lesser use of private vehicles that eliminate the excessive amount of pollution. Of course, the pollution generated by vehicles is a serious threat to everyone’s health.

Besides the control of using private vehicles, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee has initiated towards banning the construction work.  They have also ordered to stop construction activities including excavation and civil construction. These will stay closed in Delhi and other NCR districts from November 1 to 10. Apart from this, the working schedules of stone crushers and hot mix plants will be halted in connection with increasing pollution levels. This will enable the authorities to exercise progressive control over mounting pollution level.

Besides this, the industries making use of coal and biomass as fuel will stay closed in Delhi as well as NCR districts from November 4-10, 2018. certainly known, the Delhi Region has been measuring the dangerous level of pollution, which may cause serious lung infections and other related diseases too. In fact, such increasing pollution levels are a threat to asthmatic patients as well. The basic reason behind the surging pollution is the burning of stubble in the nearby regions. Besides this, the continuous construction in Delhi NCR region has added fuel to the fire. So, the authorities have decided to extend the closure of construction work in the town.

Though, there has been on and off improvements in the quality of air in Delhi; still, the air quality is not getting up to the mark for the safety of the people. as the construction work has been halted in Delhi and NCR region, there has been a tremendous loss for the developers, who have strict deadlines for delivering their projects to the investors. Now, it is a problematic condition for the real estate companies because the initiation of their residential as well as commercial projects will add to the reputation. And now that the ban has been extended, the problem for real estate developers is stagnated.


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