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By the year 2030, the overall Indian building stock is expected to be around 100 billion square feet as against the current size of 25 billion sq ft. The much developed infrastructure of this country has paved ways for over 2380 registered green building projects to be completed in future. Apart from that, there are 60 platinum certified constructions (the highest certification for energy efficient construction) going on in different parts of the country. India has been supporting the effort of other countries in constructing as many green buildings as possible. Below is the list of top green builder floor apartment in India that have remained as a symbol of success to the country.

1. CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad

This building has a passive architectural design. It was the first building to have been awarded the LEED Platinum rating by the US authorities at the time of inauguration. The CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre is one of the world’s most environment-friendly construction in terms of using water and other energy-efficient technologies. Another surprising fact is that the building is completely made out of recycled material. The advantage of that is there is no discharge of water or other waste and the entire water is recycled for use. The building consists of two air-conditioning towers and they are operated by spraying water which helps keep the entire building cool. There is a roof garden on the top and a solar photovoltaic to reduce the energy consumption by 60% which is a lot of saving compared to the consumption levels in other normal buildings.

2. CRISIL House, Hiranandani Gardens, Mumbai

This is another architectural marvel that has reduced energy consumption to a significant degree. This particular building has roughly about 14 gardens inside. The building provides a lot of energy through innovative ways. If the work area in other buildings requires a lot of artificial lighting then, this building does not need that for 70% of its work area. The centre of the building is covered with a roofing material that allows plenty of light into the building. Moreover, the interiors are made up of recycled materials that actually enhance the appearance of the building. In some parts of the building energy-efficient artificial lighting is used that has reduced carbon footprint.

3. Infosys Limited, Mysore building

In this modern world where water gets wasted more than the required level, this building consumes 55% lesser than the other buildings. The management recycles water and uses it for irrigation. The roofs and windows are made up of materials that offer a lot of natural light to the insides of the building. The smart equipments used by this building make the entire area more energy-efficient. In other words, there a reduction of energy cost by 40% noted every year, without fail. Another amazing fact is that more than 85% of the areas inside the building get natural light from dawn to dusk. The interiors are done in such a way that light travels to every nook and corner of the building. The energy consumption of the entire building is met with green power.

4. ITC Green Center, Gurgaon & ITC Hotels – Luxury Collection

ITC has obtained green certification for its entire hotel branches spread across different cities. ITC’s has obtained Platinum certification for its leadership in energy and environmental design. The buildings namely: ITC Grand Chola in Chennai, ITC Maurya in Delhi, ITC Maratha in Mumbai, ITC Sonar in Kolkata, ITC Grand Central in Mumbai, ITC Windsor & ITC Gardenia in Bengaluru, ITC Kakatiya in Hyderabad and ITC Mughal in Agra and ITC Rajputana in Jaipur. The headquarters of the ITC’s hotel business in ITC Green Center, Gurgaon as of 2004 statistics was world’s largest LEED platinum rated office space. ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru is the first Indian Hotel and world’s largest, to get the LEED Platinum rating.

5. Infinity Benchmark, Salt Lake City, Kolkata

This is another green building inaugurated in 2009 with a size of 5,50,000 sq. feet, spread over 20 floors. It was the 2ndbuilding outside the US and the 7th in the world to receive a LEED Platinum rating. This building is equipped with CO2 monitoring sensors, intelligent humidification controls, rainwater harvesting & waste water recycling systems. The overall energy cost of this building is reduced by more than 35%.

6. Suzlon One Earth, Pune

This Pune based company clearly lives up to the expectations of green energy conservation drive. Suzlon One Earth is 100% powered by green energy out of which 7% is taken care of by the 12 wind turbines present in the campus. A significant portion of the requirement is met with by the demand from offsite. The building receives a lot of natural light throughout the day which reduces the consumption of artificial power. The LED lights that are used in some areas of the building consume a lot less power than other sources of power. Daylight sensors are used along with Occupancy sensors in the entire building to control the consumption of power when nobody is around. The building materials found in this building has much less carbon footprint. The jet fans that are installed in the basement of the building flushes out hot air and brings in cool air. This system reduces consumption of power by 50% as against any other conventional methods of air-conditioning. The pavements and roads inside the campus enable water percolation into the earth in order to increase the water table level.

7. Patni (i-GATE) Knowledge Center, Noida

This Noida office of Patni (now i-gate) is one of the LEED certified buildings for a few years now. The building is designed to receive maximum amount of natural light from morning till evening. More than 90% of the office spaces  inside overlook the greeneries developed around the building. The building is equipped with a very good recycling unit that helps recycle water to be used for various purposes.

8. Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

Located at the scenic Chennai Pondicherry highway, the campus of this school lives up to its name. It is one of the few LEED platinum certified educational institutions around the country. The institution lives up to the expectations of the very purpose which is conserving energy in all respects.

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