Commercial Real Estate And Its Segments


Commercial Real Estate And Its Segments


A residential segment is not as difficult to understand as the commercial realty segment. All you will have in case of the former are individual villas, apartments, row houses and bungalows. In the case of latter, the segment has many sub-divisions such as commercial shops, plots, land parcels, industries, warehouses etc.

Office Market:


In a generic sense, a commercial property is used to accommodate professionals and various other business people. "Office" normally means whole buildings, floors, parts of floors, office parks, IT parks etc. An office space In Delhi can be used for quite a number of official purposes. However, office properties can be categorized in different manners such as Class A,B and C, and so on. Properties falling under category A are the ones having a modern setup and demand higher rents than those categorized as B or C. These two will demand lower rents compared to the first one. Another reason for that is they are a bit older and need refurbishment. The comfort levels in B or C won’t be as good as it is in class A. Yet, there seems to be a great demand for such properties also.

Industrial Market:


Commercial properties that are used for the purposes of production, manufacturing, or distribution.



The term “Retail” has two forms. Shop retail means malls or store fronts and Non-shop retail means online retailing and mail order.



Property that includes lodging, restaurants, event centres,and even theme parks and resorts.

Service Apartment:


Service apartments are one that come with commercial title, fully funished available for short term or long term accomodation with all hotel as well as home like facilities. For instance serviced apartments allow you take off your shoes, close the door, watch your favourite TV show in the lounge or cook your meals in the kitchen.


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