Choose Carefully Whether a Builder Floor or a High-Rise Apartment


Choose Carefully Whether a Builder Floor or a High-Rise Apartment

As people’s tastes have started changing, builder floor apartments have become an exact alternative for individual villas and duplex houses. Developers have started constructing 3 or 4 floors on medium sized plots in residential layouts. Even smaller metros are experiencing such developments these days.


Builder Floor Apartments

The main difference between a builder floor and high-rise buildings is that the former has only one residence on each floor whereas the latter have more than one apartment on each floor. There will be a greater amount of privacy on a builder floor. As an example, flats for sale in South Delhi have increased due to this concept.


High Rise Building

A builder floor apartment is usually more expensive because of the specifications used inside than an apartment in a normal high-rise tower. Moreover, utilization of space is done more effectively in a high-rise building. Builder flats for sale in South Delhi have really picked up this year to an unexpected level. People who cannot afford buying a villa or bungalow go for builder flats. However, high-rise townships offer a lot more amenities than the builder floor apartments. These are air-conditioned gym, swimming pool, banquet hall etc. High-rise apartments are suitable for people that like community living.

Normally, when somebody goes for a builder floor apartment, the cost factor would not be a burden as much as it is in a bungalow or villa. Moreover, a builder floor apartment allows for better lifestyle. The percentage of flats for sale in South Delhi is almost the same as the percentage of sale of builder floor apartments since the latter incurs less maintenance charges. Cities like Delhi will have more small-time developers constructing builder floor apartments than in cities like Mumbai because of the high cost involved.

There are still certain things that people have to keep in mind while going for builder apartments. The professional standing of the builder has to be thoroughly checked before going for any such apartment. For instance, builder floor for sale in  has become popular to a certain degree because of the builders’ level of integrity. One should also make sure that the percentage of “undivided share” in case of a builder floor is clearly mentioned on the sale deed while buying a builder floor apartment.


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