Celebrity Endorsement, a Newly Discovered Tool of Marketing Mix for the Realty Sector

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The significance of brand building is advantageous for any and every kind of industry. In the current scenario, each business entrepreneur with his visionary plans and procedures to grow their business in the business sector and spotlights on retaining and attracting new customers. The chief concern here is to firstly seek the attention, transfer the right intent of the message and then further influence them to buy or invest. Furthermore, there are sundry techniques of marketing and constructing brand names where celebrity endorsement is one of the prominent factor amongst all and further to pick the right & appropriate celebrity for your brand is the significant task. Needless to mention that contracting a right Brand Ambassador helps to hold the attention of the clientele and further exert influence on the demand of product/service. In addition to this, the brand ambassadors being employed by the companies are chosen meticulously who considerably are some of the notable personalities ranging from film stars, sports persons, entertainers or probably other big names that have dependably been the decision of industrialists or business investors from years, as their image envoys.

To build brand awareness some of the brands like Dabur, Gillette, Pepsi etc have endorsed celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Rahul Dravid and Shahrukh Khan respectively. The buying decision of the discerned buyers certainly rely on the advertisements or branding, therefore to choose an appropriate personality is a major point to be emphasized upon. Each company would prefer to choose a personality which is a hit in the current scenario and who is influential and praised by the masses. Is is undeniable that the audience genuinely follow their rockstars in whichever medium we talk about. Thus if their rockstar is a face of any particular brand, then the audience feel connected & associated with it. It is unquestionable that branding with a renowned celebrity is an effective source to reach out to the prospective buyers and this is the reason as to why the company undergoes heavy amounts to get their brand endorsed by such iconic personalities which would further gain them lofty revenue generation.

The interrelation of an apt personality with the nature of business is one primary factor that should always be kept in mind else it could backfire the strategy altogether. For an instance imagine Amitabh Bachchan promoting boxing equipment or Alia Bhatt promoting anti-aging cream for aged women which could lead the business to proffer disastrous results on the marketing/promotion end. On the contrary, Lux is endorsed by Katrina kaif for the reason that she is breathtakingly gorgeous and famed and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is endorsing Kalyan Jewellers, the former beauty queen who is known to be most loved of the fashion police. These obvious factors genuinely surge the reminiscence of the brand along with the message among the customers. Also, the companies formulate strategies to market their products at the time particularly when the visibility of their brand ambassador is at its best across the industry. Thus, branding at the perfect time with the right identity further lead the business to pick up the force required for the development and improvement.

If utilized viably, this demonstration of support from endorsement can bring enormous productive results. Real Estate sector is no exception. With the burgeoning competition in the realty business with plenty of empires ascending in the business sector, it becomes essential to leave a solidifying brand impact on the psyches of clients. There is a famous advertising saying “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” This further signals as to how the acquiring of brand ambassadors can be useful in grabbing the eyeballs of clients. Rising of rock stars in real estate domain helps in helps in rating a particular brand in order of priority over the other brand. It is a universal phenomenon that is applicable to every single segment of business that the people tend to give careful consideration towards something which is prescribed by their most loved celebrities. Also, a plenty of realty firms have tied a bond of association with the celebrities with their marketing campaign to promote their brand awareness amongst the public. Some of these are :-

Ajnara India Ltd., a well-recognized player in North India with a solid presence of their projects across the length and breadth of Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. They were earlier was associated with Kangana Ranaut, she was seen in television commercial promoting Ajnara India Ltd. few years before. In this context, Mr. Ashok Gupta, CMD, Ajnara India Ltd. says, “It was fabulous working with her. As a matter of interest, she achieved fame in a short span and is yet so grounded and in this manner we believed that the association not only helped in creating awareness rather it helped connecting with our buyers.”

JM Housing, a builder of repute with a ubiquitous presence in Delhi/NCR, has signed up Kareena Kapoor in the year 2013. Mr. Rupesh Gupta, Director, JM Housing says, “She being our brand ambassador has worked incredibly well for us. Also, the association with her has earned us a unique position in the realty domain with customers able to acknowledge our brand much effectively.

Morpheus Group, a major realty firm has endorsed bollywood heartthrob Akshay Kumar is their endorser. Mr Prithviraj Kasana, MD, Morpheus Group says, “His existence on the event of completion of our project Morpheus Greens, has worked impeccably good for us and he also gave the clients their home keys. The audience was pretty happy to receive the keys from an iconic personality. The customers feel that their ideology and style of working pretty much impersonates the principles of Akshay and thus it is likely to surge our credibility in return.

Radhey Krishna Group is one such famous realty group with a strong presence of a mammoth of projects being delivered across Delhi/NCR and Lucknow. Mr. Naveen Goel, MD Radhey Krishna Group comments in the context of hiring a celebrity ambassador, “A popular face helps to grab attention of the customers. These personalities of repute are appreciated by people and are followed all-in-all everywhere. It without any doubt soars the brand value of the organization and permits better deals over the long haul, alongside confidence and dependability amongst the clients for a specific brand”.

Amrapali Group, a much established giganticconglomerate has tied up with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. In the context of promotions, Mr. Anil Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director of Amrapali Group says, “The group has been closely linked with the Indian cricket team as Dhoni is the captain of the cricket team and is ought to perform well likewise we need to keep alive our clients’ faith by giving them properties in a given time allotment and thus satisfying all parameters.”

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