Bring Back The Exposed Brick Effect


Bring Back The Exposed Brick Effect

The history is repeating itself, the interior decor industry is bouncing back to the simple and pocket friendly materials like jute, exposed brick work and steel plates. Architects and interior decor are saying goodbye to expensive granite, stone and glass works. Having a simple exposed brick work in a completely painted or wall papered room will attract visitors and customers.

Till 90’s houses were constructed with iron bars, bricks and cement. As concrete block took over these bricks took a back seat and were mainly used in factories and warehouses. The entire brick industry also took a back seat. But today due the tech savvy developments people have started using brick work at various places in your house.

Grandeur Entry With Brick Effect

Grandeur Entry

By using bricks in one complete wall a grandeur effect can be brought in at your entry gate. By combining the raw looks of bricks with royal rich looking doors, pleasing effect can be brought. Also placing the bricks at with darker color shades attracts the onlookers

Contemporary Dining Room

dinning room

Planning to bring your grandma’s kitchen effect to your dining room? Just leave one portion of the dining room without completing. This effect can be brought by using exposed brick work finishing. The cost of maintaining is relatively less as the brick will absorb spillages, leaving the space clear.

Cozy Bedroom


Bedroom is the favorite place for many people as one can be on his own here. Though we have all the modern comforts here people always prefer to have an items from their childhood here. One such way to have link with past is to decorate one full wall with exposed brick work. A perfect balance with past and present can be achieved with this exposed brick work.

Brick Built Office


If you are planning to setup your work space in your residence then doing interiors with exposed bricks will be a good choice, it induces creative thinking and the warm tone that is needed for a professional atmosphere. Wooden furniture will make the space even more welcoming. wooden shelves and grass table will make the space extremely gorgeous and different


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