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It is undeniable that we all love colors, and we do respond to color in more or less predictable ways. The apt feng shui use of colors for your apartment can really do wonders. Feng shui on the other hand takes usage of color on to a next level altogether, from vibrant red to soothing aqua blue and fresh white. Each color is believed to bring in the desired feng shui energies to your home in order to create harmony and balance. Now, you must be wondering which color is best feng shui for your room, office and how about your kitchen feng shui? Would green color prove out to be a good feng shui in bathroom?

In order to compute the feng shui power of color which will help you create a home that is happy, vibrant and beautiful, have a look on the following mentioned aspects :-

  • Feng Shui of Yellow Color : Sunny, Nourishing, Happy – Fire or Earth Element

The feng shui color of sunlight and inspiring yellow always brightens any home or office. It also does create a cosy, welcoming feng shui energy in your children’s room, kitchen and living room. Color variations ranging from hot sunflower yellow to pale buttery yellow color tones are some great options to choose from when you are planning to redecorate your home.

  • Feng Shui of Red Color – Passion, Courage, Romance – Fire Element

It is considerably the most strong feng shui color representation of the feng shui element. The energy of merriment, delight and invigorates the sexual desire. Red being the chinese color of fortune and happiness, the marriage color in India and the symbolic color of love, romance, courage, passion in the west.

  • Feng Shui of Green Color – Growth, Health, Vibrancy – Wood Element

This high-spirited Feng Shui color of renewal, brings in fresh energy and regeneration. It is unquestionably much nourishing to your health, as it balances the whole body by bringing healing feng shui vibrations from nature. Most importantly, when working with green color, it is crucial to have at least several different shades in order to maximize the feng shui energy effects.

  • Feng Shui of Orange Color – Social, Open, Optimistic – Fire Element

If you find feng shui use of red color to be much vibrant or intense for your home or office, you can probably opt for orange in that case which is termed as “social color” as it does equip a necessary energy to promote lively conversations and good times in your house. It also does reminisce us of summertime dreams and  warm glow of log fires.

  • Feng Shui of White Color – Innocence, Freshness, New Beginnings – Metal Element

The feng shui color of purity and decency i.e. White is also a color that absorbs, or contains, all other colors. It all truly depicts the reason what why are we all much inclined and fascinated to a pure white space.

  • Feng Shui of Blue Color – Calm, Tranquility, Peace – Water Element

Blue is an extremely beautiful feng shui color, from clear sky blue to soft aqua blue of the ocean and deep indigo blue, you get to see a plethora of color tones for your home. In feng shui outlook, color blue is wonderful for use in various feng shui bagua areas of your home – East (Health), Southeast (Money), and North (Career).

  • Feng Shui of Grey Color – Clear, Detached, Neutral – Metal Element

Grey color is usually perceived as sophisticated, upmarket color and on the same hand boring and dull too. Despite of its dullness, the color is sure bring beautiful feng shui energy to any kind of space, as long as you choose wisely. The feng shui bagua areas that most benefit from the energy of grey color are West (Creativity), Northwest (Helpful People) and North (Career).

  • Feng Shui of Purple Color – Royal, Mysterious, Noble – Fire Element

The feng shui masters advice this color of vibrancy in moderation. Decorating elements from pillows to art, excluding wall color, purple might be best to bring it into your home. Healing room and meditation room are ideally the two best places of your home where in you can use this color freely.

  • Feng Shui of Pink Color – Gentle, Soothing, Loving – Fire Element

Pink – the universal color of love, makes it an apt feng shui color to soften the energy in any given space. The dainty vibrations of pink color has a proven soothing effect on one’s behavior. It is no-brainer that you can use it more or less anywhere in your home be it your bedroom or your laundry room.

  • Feng Shui of Black Color – Unknown, Infinite, Absorbing – Water Element

Black color adds strength, depth and definition to any space. To bring stronger energy to any space, from your main entry to your kitchen, this color can be used. However, it is best not to use black color in your baby’s room, or on your bedroom ceiling.

  • Feng Shui of Brown Color – Strength, Grounding, Stability – Wood Element

In recent years, brown color has significantly become a popular choice extensively. It does furnish a nourishing feng shui energy and is also associated with all the good things – delicious dark chocolate, gourmet coffee and beautiful mahogany wood. The feng shui areas that are nourished by the energy of brown color are East (Health), Southeast (Money), and South (Fame).

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