All You Need To Do To Make a Luxury House a Royal Home


All You Need To Do To Make a Luxury House a Royal Home

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Though there are plenty of advertisements stemming up from time to time portraying residential projects In Delhi , we are yet to understand what a "luxury abode" means in its real sense. As we all make an attempt to pick the right choice of house, we are not getting what we want most of the time. The problem is worse when you are looking for a luxury house when you actually do not understand what that covers. You might unfortunately end up getting a house with basic amenities. Here are some tips what you shall look for while buying  luxury house or villa.



The first rule that sets apart a luxury house from other normal ones is "space". A 3 bhk with big rooms and spacious toilets can easily fall under the category of "luxury house". Anything lesser than a 3 bhk, will have space constraints or smaller rooms incomparison. A 1 or 2 bhk apartment may look spacious but when it comes to adding a thing of luxury to the house, your purpose will get defeated. So, make sure to buy a 3 bhk rather than any house sized lesser in sq. ft.

Location Advantage


A luxury property is the one located in the heart of the city and close by amenities that are considered essential to our daily life. You should not be travelling long distances to do shopping or watch movies or have a tasty dinner.



This is one important feature that you have to look for while buying a luxury house. The height of the ceiling is one of the determinants of a luxury abode. If the height is more than 12 feet then, the real meaning of luxury is getting revealed. Moreover, a heightened ceiling keeps the house aerated and fully energized.



Spacious elevators are very much necessary if you a going for a "luxury buy".

Security Ought To Be At Its Best


It goes without saying that any luxury house is a target of trespassers. While going for a luxury apartment, one has to check how the Security system works in the township. Round-the-clock security system should be in place with the necessary surveillance equipment in place. This will enable the residents lead a peaceful life.

Now that the demand for luxury apartments and individual houses is increasing, the level of modern amenities has gone higher too. People would want to have everything nearby and are ready to pay any price for the facilities offered.


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