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In 6 Simple Ways, Your Home Becomes Colourful


In 6 Simple Ways, Your Home Becomes Colourful

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It is not only the decorative items you purchase that make your home look so beautiful, but also the colours you choose to paint the walls with. Colours literally have the ability to make your mood happy or sad. They can influence you either way. The size of the house does not matter but colour does when it comes to making house a home. A wrong choice of colours you choose will definitely spoil the appearance even thought you may have a size bigger than most others. Different shades of colour develop different moods in people which people have to be careful about. For instance, a dark shade would make you spend sleepless nights.

To eliminate the confusion of choosing colours for your home, we have come up with choices that you would definitely find useful...

Step 1: colours that make you happy


First of all, think of colours that make you very happy. It does not have to be a very big house for you to go for a bright colour. Just Remember that it is not the size that goes with the colour but the colour that goes with the size, to change your mood. A lighter shade would be a pleasant choice for hall or dining areas whereas, a darker shade would really be apt in the areas that are really meant for watching movies. Different shades of green and creams are often used to get you a balanced state of mind. Orange or red are meant for kids room to make the area a bit flashy.

Step 2: Add a touch of the unexpected


You can really surprise your visitors by adding a bit of flamboyant colours here and there that go well with the main colours. A touch of bright orange, green and red would really make people stop and take a second look at the place. But, the colour should blend with the main one so as not to spoil the overall appearance. Such bright colours can be around the windows or door frames etc.

Step 3: Repeat good colours often.


There are colours that might often change your mood from good to bad while in the house. You need to carefully select such colours and make sure they are found more prominently inside the house. For example, if chevron or brown stripes bring a lighter mood then, you can have your upholstery designed that way or the tapestries.

Step 4: Theme is very important:


Theme is very important before you start to choose colours for different areas of your house. For instance, your private bedroom can have shades of blue or white to soothe your mood while there.

Step 6: Follow the hero


Just in case you have home decors that take precedence over other things in house then, let them decide the colours to blend in with.


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