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Buying an apartment and maintaining it even during difficult times is much easier than actually buying a vastu-compliant house. As we all know, Vastu Shastra has a great impact on our daily lives and by following the rules of this Shasta, one would be able to lead a prosperous and peaceful life. One of the important rules of Vastu is the location of the dining area. No matter what you cook but, if the dining area make not exactly where it ought to be then, there arises problems within the household. As much as the food you eat creates effects on your body so would the dining area in your apartment. Ignoring the facts about vastu would only make the problem worse whereas, some minor possible adjustments will undoubtedly bring happiness into your house. As important is the location of the kitchen as the dining area.

Since we are discussing the topic of food, it is also wise to delve into areas of Kitchen vastu so that you will know exactly what should be where. Even in houses where there are no kitchens, there are definitely solutions with the help of which, vastu can be reinforced. The advantages of implementing such Vastu rules cannot be known overnight. But, the impact will be there throughout the house and felt from time to time. A Vastu-compliant house will have a higher appreciation in price than those that are not. Though there is enough emphasis given on the subject of Vastu in various newspapers and magazines, people tend to ignore the facts and later on, run after astrologers. To put an end to such ordeals, we have come up with a solution in this article.

There are several tips underneath that would be very helpful for you to decide on buying the right house. If you do have a house already, there are some adjustments that are clearly mentioned below which you can follow, to make your house the perfect place for dwelling.

To begin with, have a good look at the image below and understand the best location for a dining room in a home

After you have decided where to have the dining area, let us follow the vastu tips to make it even better.

What you are going to learn further

  • Vastu Tips for Dining Room
  • Other Factors for Dining Area

Vastu Tips for Dining Room

  1. Dining area in the West is the best; it can also be in the North.
  2. Dining room should always be spacious and comfortable to sit and eat.
  3. While dining; it is very important that the head of the family face east. The rest of the members can face any direction as they please.
  4. Children should not sit in South-West corner of dining table as this will make them to gain control of house overpower their parents.
  5. The family members facing south while eating will definitely develop quarrel often.
  6. East, North or West walls are best for doors of dining room; avoid door in South wall.
  7. Avoid buying a circular dining table. Instead, go for a rectangular or square one.
  8. Place the dining table towards South-West corner of dining area and make sure that the table does not stay in contact with the wall.
  9. Do not place dining table under a beam as this will develop dispute often in the family.
  10. Use North-East of dining area to keep drinking water which is normally considered a very auspicious location.
  11. Provide wash-basin in North or East but not in South-East or North-West.
  12. The toilet should never be facing the dining area as this will spoil the entire atmosphere and peace in the family.
  13. The main door of the house should never face the door to the dining room.
  14. The kitchen and the dining area should be on the same floor.
  15. You can keep a refrigerator in South-East corner of dining area.
  16. If dining room is a part of the drawing room then, you can divide the area with the help of a curtain or, even place some artificial plants in-between. This will eliminate quarrels and bring in more peace.
  17. You should have colour choices for your dining area such as yellow, pink, orange etc.
  18. You can hang a mirror in East or North wall of dining area.

Apart from what we have discussed above, there are also other tips that will help you while you dine with your family members. These are tips that are to be followed very necessarily.

Other Factors for Dining Area

  1. Sticking photos of eatables in the dining area is a very good option to consider.
  2. Try to be happy while eating and not think of anything serious.
  3. While eating, make sure the family members are at ease and do not converse in.
  4. The family members at the dining table must always be cordial to each other while eating and not discuss the shortcomings of each other.
  5. Dining table must not become a classroom of etiquette for anyone as they may lose interest in consuming food.
  6. Playing a soft and melodious music would make the atmosphere ideal while dining.
  7. Do not keep the TV on as this will definitely shift your focus while dining.

Follow the above tips and make your life happier than before!

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