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Buniyad Blog

What Are Some Ways To Find The Cheapest Apartments Near Me

It is normally the tendency of human to ask for cheap property at best location.  In places like Delhi NCR lot of less priced apartments are available for sale.  But the process of  sell apartments in Delhi NCR should be done very carefully so that they don’t end up in hands of fraudsters.  Fe[...]
Akhil Mani August 20, 2018

Difference Between Luxury Apartments And Regular Apartments

India is a developing country and it ranks 6th in the world economy. After Industrialisation in 1991 the economic growth is rapid, this has resulted in higher per capita income of every individual which has an influence on the purchasing power of the individuals. The excess funds that was available [...]
Akhil Mani August 18, 2018

Best Co Working Spaces In Delhi NCR

The population of the capital city is growing exponentially day in and day out. To accommodate the rapidly growing population areas in the outskirts of Delhi were identified and carefully marked for development. NCR is one such coordinated planning region comprises of Delhi and several districts sur[...]
Akhil Mani August 17, 2018

Tips For Students Who Are Planning To Live In A Rented Flat

It is imperative for the students to have a best suited accommodation when they are living from away from the family. Many educational institutions provide hostel facilities, but the living standards of such accommodation shall not be that perfect.  The children who were grown up in family environm[...]
Akhil Mani August 16, 2018