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Buniyad Blog

Apt Feng Shui Use Of Colors For Your Home

It is undeniable that we all love colors, and we do respond to color in more or less predictable ways. The apt feng shui use of colors for your apartment can really do wonders. Feng shui on the other hand takes usage of color on to a next level altogether, from vibrant red to soothing aqua blue and [...]
admin February 28, 2015

Tips & Tricks For First Time Home-Buyers

The "Red Shoes" Experience for a Home Buyer Women can very well relate to this aspect, like when you hunt for a pair of red shoes, you visit store in the mall. You find a sizzling pair of red shoes the one you always aspired for, you then try it out, they fit you well and advantageously priced ri[...]
admin February 28, 2015

Location Is Crucial For Ultra Luxury Homes

Many developers are putting their best efforts to create new zones and addresses across India that can entice HNI property buyers. This aim has met with varying levels of success on the ground when it comes to influence the ultra-rich clients. Except for up-gradation in design concepts and addition [...]
admin February 12, 2015

Vastu Tips & Tricks For Buying The Right Plot

Are you hunting for a new home or a plot to build your home. Needless to mention, the selection of site is one such crucial decision as it radicates positve as well as negative energies controlled by its location, soil quality, shape, slope and orientation. Thus, do understand and interpret the[...]
admin February 2, 2015

How To File A Complaint Under RERA

Akhil Mani January 3, 2019