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Buniyad Blog

How the components of Feng Shui can help you in home decor

Are you thinking of how to really entice the vibes of positivity and optimism in your home? Then stop pondering over it, as here is the solution wherein you simply need to incorporate Feng Shui symbols in your interiors and that’s about it! As Feng Shui symbols have their own significance and rele[...]
admin June 5, 2015

Bengaluru Scores High – India’s top realty destination

Propequity, a real estate data, research and analytics firm, has released in a report that Bengaluru has come into view as one of the number one destination in a great portion of parameters assessed on for studying India’s top real estate destinations. Gurgaon has surprisingly sinked to 10th rank [...]
admin June 5, 2015

Bengaluru is home to genuine house buyers and not examiners

Bengaluru’s youth segment is buying residential property right on time in life. Each residential property expo hosted by The Times of India has divulged a steady increment in footfall from this section. The real estate sector domain of Bengaluru is likewise seeing a pattern in genuine home buyers [...]
admin June 1, 2015

What is the underlying reason for the mounting residential rental prices?

In the recent years, the property indices have collectively noticed that regardless of the probability that capital appreciation stagnates after a point, the rental values continue to expand. Every single year the rental rates for a specific neighbourhood soar by 10-20 per cent, depending on the add[...]
admin May 30, 2015