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Buniyad Blog

All You Need To Do To Make a Luxury House a Royal Home

Though there are plenty of advertisements stemming up from time to time portraying residential projects, we are yet to understand what a "luxury abode" means in its real sense. As we all make an attempt to pick the right choice of house, we are not getting what we want most of the time. The proble[...]
Mamta Soni September 17, 2016

The Architectural Excellence of Rashtrapati Bhavan

Can you imagine a residence with 340-rooms in this country? Well, there is one in New Delhi and that is none other than the Presidentialresidence, popularly known as “Rashtrapati Bhavan”. This 130-hectare residence has almost everything starting from living areas, party rooms, conference hall[...]
Mamta Soni September 16, 2016

What Amenities Do Corporates Look for in Office?

The modern day office spaces are not the same as they used to be decades ago. In other words, people look for almost the same facilities that exist in their homes to be able to work comfortably. This is one of the prime reasons why employees prefer working from home and are able to produce more pr[...]
Mamta Soni September 10, 2016

In 6 simple ways, your home becomes colourful

It is not only the decorative items you purchase that make your home look so beautiful, but also the colours you choose to paint the walls with. Colours literally have the ability to make your mood happy or sad. They can influence you either way. The size of the house does not matter but colour do[...]
Mamta Soni September 9, 2016