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All you need to be acquainted with Floor Area Ratio (FAR)

Being a property buyer you are ought to know about the floor area ratio or FAR being changed for a particular city. What is FAR and in what way does it affect your property buying? What is it that one needs to understand about it exactly? Here is a comprehensive dig on FAR. What exactly is FAR? In l[...]
admin June 19, 2015

Running a Serviced Apartment – Great returns yet is it worth the effort?

In today’s context, if you own more than one residential property in a city, in that case you can live in one whereas the other becomes the medium of generating income. Though how much you earn totally depends on how much you choose to let the property out. You could probably opt to give it on lea[...]
admin June 18, 2015

How to make lofty profits by maintaining a Rental Property

full hd film izle 720p film izle bedava film izle online film izle full film izle sinema izle hd film izle sinema izle Acquiring a property for investment purpose is unquestionably essential. Local second time home purchasers and off-shore investors are currently jumping on every chance to stock [...]
admin June 15, 2015

Can I get loan for Office Space?

"Would I be able to get a loan in the event that I purchase an office space?" heard this multiple times from the borrowers who had taken at the very least three home loans, however calls me to enquire on this. Undeniably, getting a loan against residential property is no great deal nowadays, however[...]
admin June 13, 2015
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