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Incredible Tips on how to improve the lifespan of your home

The average length of life of any concrete building falls somewhere between 75-100 years in the most idyllic circumstances. Nonetheless, the average lifespan of house is about 40 years whereas for an apartment it is nearly 60 years. The lifespan can however be enlarged and all it requires is a minim[...]
admin May 23, 2015

Must-ask inquiries Before You Conclude on a Luxury Apartment

On the off chance that you wish to acquire a luxury apartment, it becomes extremely crucial to invest your time in carrying out the inescapable homework around the luxury real-estate market. Needless to mention, the most ease out and hassle-free way to do is R&D using the internet. There are va[...]
admin May 21, 2015


It goes without saying that a lady is truly known to be the angel of the house and thus would you be able to disappoint the heavenly attendant? In this context, a survey has been conducted wherein 80% of the respondents are married out of 85% of the home buyers who took the survey. The topic of the [...]
admin May 18, 2015

Surviving an earthquake -Tips to safeguard your home

While your chances of being in the big one are scarce however if you are living on or close to a fault line, then in that case taking steps to earthquake-proof your home will give you a sense of control and your mind at peace. All it requires is a little bit of fund and time and you are thereafter[...]
admin May 2, 2015