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Purchase Bungalow for sale in Greater Noida at affordable rates

With space crunch being a regular problem of big cities, it has become a common trend to extend its boundaries and form an equally bustling sub city. A perfect example of such development is the emerging city of Greater Noida. Noida has already established itself as a spectacular city to live and wo[...]
admin August 8, 2015

College Plots in Great Demand in Noida

The fast emerging city of Noida is considered a hub of all essential things that is required to make it a booming city. It has excellent infrastructure to keep the city running. Overbridges, metro, wide roads, excellent network and connectivity, amazing options for employment with the strong presenc[...]
admin August 7, 2015

Points to note while buying Serviced Apartments in South Delhi

The demand for Serviced Apartments in South Delhi is on an all-time high more so because a lot of Private Equity firms are investing on this sector. Delhi is a hub of all kinds of jobs and businesses as people from all over the country come here to earn their livelihood. As the capital of India, Del[...]
admin August 6, 2015

Great going for Greater Noida’s commercial sector

A few years ago, travelling from Greater Noida to Delhi was a big uphill task. Home buyers stayed away from purchasing property here as they thought that they would miss all the privileges of living in a cosmopolitan city. However, with the rapid development in infrastructure and better connectivity[...]
admin August 5, 2015
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