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Changing Trends That Help Real Estate Growth In India In 2017

The trends we are about to discuss are really helping the realty sector move forward at a significant pace. A bright chance for global capital inflow into the Indian real estate sector The United Nations Conference for Trade and Development has submitted a world Investment report which explicitl[...]
Mamta Soni March 4, 2017

An Overview Of Bangalore’s Real Estate Market

There is a lot to say about the city of Bangalore. Primarily, the cultural blend you see in Bangalore is never noticed in any other cities of India. This alone makes any business run successfully in the city. Moreover, the presence of industries and IT hubs support the economy of the city in a ver[...]
Mamta Soni February 25, 2017

Noida Picks Up Speed In Residential Realty Sector

After a few months of lag, the NCR regions have started showing progress in the realty business. Noida, of all other cities, has shown some real good improvement by making some new launches to attract investors from across the country. The ongoing projects in Noida will cater to all types of buyers [...]
Mamta Soni February 1, 2017

Bring Back The Exposed Brick Effect

The history is repeating itself, the interior decor industry is bouncing back to the simple and pocket friendly materials like jute, exposed brick work and steel plates. Architects and interior decor are saying goodbye to expensive granite, stone and glass works. Having a simple exposed brick work i[...]
Mamta Soni November 24, 2016