Visit the Sankaracharya Smriti Van

Explore the Sankaracharya Smriti Van, a memorial park dedicated to Adi Shankaracharya. It offers a peaceful environment for reflection.

Visit the Aravalli Biodiversity Park

Enjoy nature at the Aravalli Biodiversity Park, a serene green space with walking trails, native flora, and birdwatching opportunities.

Attend Cultural Events at IILM Institute

Check for cultural events and seminars happening at the IILM Institute in Vasant Kunj. The institute often hosts educational and cultural programs.

Explore Nelson Mandela Marg

Take a walk along Nelson Mandela Marg, a tree-lined avenue with parks, shopping complexes, and cultural institutions.

Dine at Local and International Restaurants

Vasant Kunj offers a diverse culinary scene. Explore local eateries, cafes, and international restaurants for a variety of dining experiences.

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