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Category: Real Estate

Budget 2019: The Aam Aadmi’s Verdict On The Modi Government’s Pre-Election Budget

Well, the interim budget has been witnessed as an effective measure to help people in properties. In fact, it has been developed by keeping rural segment, infrastructure and the tax payers in mind. In this regard, a study was conducted by asking the views of general property buyers. Divyata Kalhans,[...]
Akhil Mani April 12, 2019

How Will The Greater Noida Metro Impact The Prices Of Flats In Noida Extension?

The advent of Aqua Metro line has been quite a welcome note for the development of real estate business in Noida and Greater Noida. It has impacted the prices of real estate properties in the respective areas. In most of the inexpensive residential real estate bracket such as Greater Noida West, def[...]
Akhil Mani April 9, 2019

Tips To Choose a Retirement Home

Much famed as a relaxing space for senior citizens, retirement homes are meant to enjoy beautiful days of one’s life in the lap of nature. Of course, there are certain considerations to be made before opting to buy such a residential property.  First of all, it should be noted that the area selec[...]
Akhil Mani April 5, 2019

How To Use Your Provident Fund To Finance A Home Purchase

Provident fund if an essential facility or security provided t the employees by a company. In this regard, a very small percentage of the salary is deducted and deposited in the employer’s provident fund account. But, it can now be used to manage expenses in liaison with home improvement, purchasi[...]
Akhil Mani April 4, 2019