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Category: Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate And Its Segments

A residential segment is not as difficult to understand as the commercial realty segment. All you will have in case of the former are individual villas, apartments, row houses and bungalows. In the case of latter, the segment has many sub-divisions such as commercial shops, plots, land parcels, in[...]
Akhil Mani September 24, 2016

Noida Fulfils Your Fancy If You Are a Property Seeker

Noida and the areas in its vicinity have innumerable property choices for buyers starting from residential apartments in Delhi NCR to individual houses to villas. Noida has always boasted of having the best infrastructure for people to live comfortably. It has a very good connectivity to and f[...]
Akhil Mani September 23, 2016

All You Need To Do To Make a Luxury House a Royal Home

Though there are plenty of advertisements stemming up from time to time portraying residential projects In Delhi , we are yet to understand what a "luxury abode" means in its real sense. As we all make an attempt to pick the right choice of house, we are not getting what we want most of the time.[...]
Akhil Mani September 17, 2016

Reasons For Increase Of Property Value In Market

There are different factors that define a growth of a real estate market. If these factors are in your favor, good returns are assured for your investment. Let us analyse the points behind the appreciation in property value. Consumer confidence, economic trends, finance position of household are d[...]
Akhil Mani September 5, 2016