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Category: Knowledge Byte

Metro Railway – A Real Estate Game Changer

Today, many cities have come up or are coming up with modern rail systems. For an instance, if cities are living beings, transport networks would then be the arteries determining their growth and health. As India is becoming urban in character at an unprecedented pace, its cities are sparing no eff[...]
admin January 23, 2015

Developers Bet Big on ‘Online Home Sales’, Experts Dubious

Home buying has always been a complex affair as buying property is not something done on impulse, it is rather one of the biggest transaction of a lifetime & a research-driven phenomenon undeniably. The home selling and buying process considerably involves lengthy booking processes, fraudulent i[...]
admin January 19, 2015

Vastu Tips for Home to Enhance Wealth

Wealth is the most crucial need to survive in this tough & convoluted world. Financial curtailment can undeniably bring immense stress and strain. Thus, in order to keep your finances flowing effortlessly and further to avert the money from being unproductive or infertile due to any reason, divi[...]
admin January 15, 2015