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Category: Home Decor

How Shopping Malls In India Have Transformed Over The Years?

The concept of malls is one such thing that tends to spread like a wild fire in the forest. Certainly, it is a boost for real estate industry with people adapting to extensive shopping prospects under one roof. Who would not love to visit a place where shopping opportunities is served with entertain[...]
Shubhank Gupta April 15, 2019

RBI Cuts Key Interest Rate By 0.25 Per Cent, Changes Policy Stance To ‘Neutral’

Paying off lower monthly installments is really a relief for people taking home loans or any other form of loan. Taking a viable step in this direction, RBI or Reserve Bank of India has managed to cut the benchmark of interest rate by 0.25 percent. Now, it has dropped from 6.50 percent to 6.25 perce[...]
Shubhank Gupta April 8, 2019

Tips To Choose a Retirement Home

Much famed as a relaxing space for senior citizens, retirement homes are meant to enjoy beautiful days of one’s life in the lap of nature. Of course, there are certain considerations to be made before opting to buy such a residential property.  First of all, it should be noted that the area selec[...]
Shubhank Gupta April 5, 2019

Tips for Running a Business from Home

Home is where you heart lies! But, for some, home is where their work generates. Well, the concept of working from home is a dream come true for many. Really saying, it is not like taking a swift walk on the bed of roses. But, as said, scheduling and playing mind game makes every move possible. So, [...]
Shubhank Gupta December 4, 2018