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Category: Commercial Space

Government Allows Building Swimming Pools On Terraces

Swimming pools are a must in summers as providing extensive cooling experience. Previously, the construction of swimming pools on the roofs was not allowed in Telangana state. Now, the government of Telangana has issued orders allowing people to construct  the swimming pool on their terraces. The r[...]
Shubhank Gupta May 7, 2019

ATS To Complete 3 Stuck Projects Of Logix Group In Noida, And Deliver 4,500 Flats

Entering into the Project Management Consultancy Business, ATS Group has announced that it is going to support three stalled projects named Logix Blossom County, Logix Blossom Greens and Logix Blossom Zest in Noida region of Uttar Pradesh. Releasing a statement in this aspect, the authorities from A[...]
Shubhank Gupta April 30, 2019

How Co Working Spaces To Dominate The Commercial Real Estate In 2019

Altering working trends at office has generated the need for more of co-working space than conventional spaces. Indeed, the co-working space has been giving tough competition to other office spaces and has managed to replace 25 percent of office leases. These leases are set for renewal this year and[...]
Shubhank Gupta February 20, 2019

Tips for Running a Business from Home

Home is where you heart lies! But, for some, home is where their work generates. Well, the concept of working from home is a dream come true for many. Really saying, it is not like taking a swift walk on the bed of roses. But, as said, scheduling and playing mind game makes every move possible. So, [...]
Shubhank Gupta December 4, 2018